• The Little Things3:29
  • Scandinavian Waltz2:26
  • McCall3:19
  • Washington County2:47
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"""Down To The Junction


         It's About Time

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Whistlin' Rufus Recordings

It's About Time

The Little Things

Johnny Jump Up

Scandinavian Waltz


Old Home Place

Time For Reckoning

Voices of the Prairie

Washington County

Mid-Life Orphans

Hills of Conamara

Whistlin' Rufus


Down to the Junction

 Down to the Junction

Lucky Strike Man

The Ballad of Sully Sullenberger

Bandage Man

The Barnyards of Delgaty


Baja Sur

What's Not to Like About a Fireman

Tell Me Ma

Drill, Baby , Drill

  • Down to the Junction3:00
  • Tell Me Ma2:12
  • Metolious 2:50