Down to the Junction

 Down to the Junction

Lucky Strike Man

The Ballad of Sully Sullenberger

Bandage Man

The Barnyards of Delgaty


Baja Sur

What's Not to Like About a Fireman

Tell Me Ma

Drill, Baby , Drill

It's About Time

The Little Things

Johnny Jump Up

Scandinavian Waltz


Old Home Place

Time For Reckoning

Voices of the Prairie

Washington County

Mid-Life Orphans

Hills of Conamara

Whistlin' Rufus



"""Down To The Junction


         It's About Time

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Whistlin' Rufus Recordings

  • The Little Things3:29
  • Scandinavian Waltz2:26
  • McCall3:19
  • Washington County2:47
Whistlin Rufus CDs

  • Down to the Junction3:00
  • Tell Me Ma2:12
  • Metolious 2:50

   Whistlin' Rufus